Sugar Beet Pulp &
Dried Beet Pulp Pellets

During the processing of sugar beet, raw juice is separated from the extracted pulp in an extraction plant. 

Immediately after the extraction process, the wet pulp has a dry matter (DM) content of 8 to 10 %. Pressing out a percentage of its water content results in pressed sugar beet pulp with a DM content of approx. 25 %. Afterwards, the pulp can be dried to produce dried beet pulp with a DM content of 90 %.

In Germany, most factories add molasses to the pulp during the drying process. The sugar content of the resulting molasses pulp is between 16 and 20 %.  In Germany, the dried beet pulp / molasses pulp is mostly mechanically pressed and pelletised into 6–10 mm diameter pellets.

*As a natural product, sugar beet is subject to various factors that determine its quality, such as climatic conditions during the growing season; the soil condition of the cultivation area; the deployment of fertilisers or pesticides as well as production circumstances and the use of processing aids. The product quality may therefore vary from year to year. 

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